According to the Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple's 2019 iPhone will have two cameras with three cameras, an OLED display and a USB-C interface.

Macotakara broke the news of the 2019 iPhone, indicating that the entire Guitar Chord Chart series will have up to five models, including the traditional iPhone XS/XR three upgrade models, and the 6.1-inch rear-mounted three-shot and 6.5-inch OLED model. Because the blog has accurately predicted the iPhone 7 and other models, there is a certain degree of credibility.

They also said that the thickness of these two special models will increase, and the 6.1-inch OLED model may be about 0.15 mm thicker than the iPhone XS, but the rearmost camera has a reduction of about 0.5 mm at the most convex position, so The total thickness has increased by approximately 0.1 mm. 6.5 inches OLED iPhone XS Max model than 0.4 mm thick, rear camera will also reduce the degree of protrusion of about 0.25 mm, the thickness is equivalent to an increase of only 0.2 mm.

The current rumor has not been supported by other channels. In addition to the three-camera system that is now frequently reported, there are rumors that Apple will significantly increase the battery life of the iPhone. But the size of the iPhone battery is hard to change, so it may change its shape. Of course, supporting a larger sensor for a three-camera system means that mysterious universe the thickness of the phone will increase, which may also leave more room for the battery.

Before, including the famous analyst Guo Minghao, the breaking newser Onleaks, and the Macotakara blog, the iPhone will continue the 2018 flagship practice in 2018. However, Macotakara got the latest news from the industry chain and broke its previous predictions. It thinks that this year's iPhone or 5 models will better differentiate and position the price gap.

Two special models for 6.1" and 6.5" OLED screens, the main enhancement should be in the rear three camera, the 3 in 1 breakfast station main sensor will be upgraded, the size is larger, the lift is lower Light shooting performance, wide-angle end and telephoto cameras will also be enhanced, and a ToF camera is used to enhance the AR experience. At present, the three-shot shape of the iPhone may be exposed to the Huawei-style "bathroom" shape. The entire camera module protrudes from the back and looks less aesthetic.

Combined with Guo Minghao, Macotakara and the industry chain, the iPhone broke the news in 2019, including the A13 bionic processor, larger battery, slightly adjusted screen size, fast charging and two-way wireless charging. It has the "Underwater Mode" function, which means that the touch screen can be operated in water.

In addition, the iPhone will be equipped with a larger capacity battery in 2019, and the battery life of the iPhone XS and XS Max may increase by about 20%-25%. It is reported that Apple will also abandon the 5W charger that has been unchanged for a long time, and equip the new iPhone with 18W USB-C fast charge, but the light connection interface is still used at the end of the connection, and a patch cord is included in the package.